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Jack London by Kaptain Kobold

I was inspired to come up with a ‘city elemental’ character for Supercrew (after all, if I can convince my wife to run a game or two I’ll need a PC). Although written with my Victorian Era campaign in mind, he could work for any period I guess.

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The Twelve Days of Christmas (Hafwit)

Happy holidays, supers-fans.

The Twelve Gifts
In the secret world of true martial arts, there are twelve names that are whispered with awe and envy, that of the Twelve Gifts. These masters have transcended human boundaries and become saints, engines of destruction, superheroes. They wander the world, changing it as they go.

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Bill Willingham's Elementals (BabbageCliologic)

Monolith (Tommy Czuchra)
3: Attribute: super genius
2: Attribute: super strength
1: Super power: invulnerability
Re-roll the Dice: Think of a new plan!
Change one roll to a 5: Block attack
Change the roll to Effect 2: Smash!

Vortex (Jeff Murphy)
3: Skill: military training
2: Control: air
1: Super Power: flight
Re-roll the Dice: Pick up and drop!
Change one roll to a 5: Loop de loop!
Change the roll to Effect 2: Hurricane!

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Who Watches the Watchmen? (by BabbageCliologic)

The Watchmen

3: Skill: detective – “Last night, a comedian died in New York. Somebody knows why. Somebody knows.”
2: Attack: street fighter – “This city is afraid of me.”
1: Equipment: gas-powered grappling gun
Re-roll: Unexpected action – “Tactically brilliant, and unpredictable.”
Die is a 5: Gain info – “Give me smallest finger on man’s hand. I’ll produce information.”
Effect 2: Everything is a weapon – in the story, he uses a toilet bowl, a fork, cooking fat, a cigarette, all as weapons.

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Mech Warrior

Continuing my delve into my role-playing past …

As I have said before, I started superhero RPGs with Villains and Vigilantes, before switching to Champions a year or so later. The main group I ran during this time played a UK-based team called The Guardians.

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