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The Supercrew website is apparently infected with malware

I went to Tobias’ website and got hit with a very nasty malware called Antivirus Pro 2010. It aggresively installed itself on my computer and hijacked it with web redirects and popups. I finally got rid of it with Malware Bytes. I recommend staying away from there until Tobias can address this problem. In the meantime, I have removed the link from here.


Site News: Admin semi-retiring

Carl Stanford just informed me that he has other duties that will take him away from his role as admin of the site. Carl set this site up and worked to post all of the neat stuff in the original RPG.NET thread that spawned The Fortress. I think we should all be thankful that Carl did this.
In the meantime, yours truly has been feeling a bit down the past few days with an illness (don’t know what it is). I will do my best to keep up with you guys and make The Fortress a great place for Supercrew fans to gather and share ideas. So if you register and want to be a Contributor, email me at and I’ll update your status. This will make my job a bit easier as well as make it easier to get content. And that’s what we need!

Redforce signing out, Citizens.

We need more contributors

We want to grow the site and give the Supercrew community a lot of neat stuff. If you want to submit something to the site, by all means register and post!

Millennium – a new game by Tobias Rades├Ąter

Millennium is a fantasy RPG set in the present in a world not unlike ours. And apparently it includes elves, gods, legendary places and exotic dimensions, where players play centuries-old magicians. Floating dude is presumably a PC. It invokes stuff like Sandman and American Gods and Harry Potter for feel, but it looks to me like it could do a higher-powered Dresden Files too.

More news (in Swedish):