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Options for sustained campaigns

As written Supercrew is not good for a sustained campaign. But what if you want to play a series of adventures? How can you keep the game going?

Supercrew lacks any rewards so that characters gain something when they experience and survive a linked series of adventures. Obviously the PCs will develop as characters as time goes on, and the players will enjoy the stories they create together, but unlike 3:16 (another great storytelling game) characters don’t get improved stats or rank increases to make the player feel like his character is progressing.

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Villain Points by BlackSheep

Challenges are classed as Easy, Standard or Hard. When the GM throws an Easy challenge at the heroes, she earns a Villain Point. In order to throw a Hard challenge at the heroes, she must spend a Villain Point.

For non-combat challenges, it’s simple. An Easy challenge has a difficulty equal to the number of heroes. A Standard challenge is one more; a Hard challenge is two more. Note that the heroes will usually succeed. This is intentional. However, a Hard challenge will have a higher chance of failure and/or require more expenditure of resources than an Easy one.

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Guidelines for Villains

The important thing which can be borne in mind is that, mechanically, all heroes are basically the same. Only in which level of ability the three tricks are linked to do they vary. So villains (and, by extension, all threats) can basically be defined by How Many Heroes Are They Designed To Fight?

I would assume that a Level 2 ability is the base for all types of villain. Whilst a more powerful villain might have a basic 3 or 4 dice attack, things starts getting awkward.

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Balancing Villains

One way to do the balanced villain thing is to not give the abilities with a number, but some sort of modifier (like +1). That way, the GM could adjust the number of dice for each ability. based on how tough he wanted the villain to be. Then you would simply need a guide to the number of dice for each class of villain.

This would not only simplify the villain listing, it would also be in line with the comics where a villain is as tough or weak as he needs to be. Why is it that the Joker can menace Batman on equal footing in his own title, but take on the whole Justice League in THEIR comic? Because the story requires it, that’s why.

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Angelic Justice by discuit

The darker side of the Supercrew rules.

Important Genre Stuff

All angles have wings and can fly! Cool huh! The thing is, this “ability” cannot be used to generate effect, it is merely a narrative tool. The second “downside” is that every angels’ wings manifest in a different way, usually related to their theme or powers, and as such EVERY player MUST describe and draw how their wings manifest and look!

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