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Villains and Hazards for 1001 Arabian Nights

My group (4 players) uses the Supercrew rules for an 1001 Arabian Nights campaign. Below are a couple of typical villains and hazards that I created using BlackSheep’s Villain Points.

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In Nomine Crew

I like the In Nomine setting and the Supercrew rules. So, why not combine them? I think it can work.

The 3,2,1 stats can be:

The Tricks will be specific Songs, Skills or Resonances. Hero points become Essence.

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Four-color supers- literally

The concept (influenced by Gestaltbennie’s Gestalts):

In a higher dimension lies the essence of Avatars, pure energy waiting to be molded by a sentient race’s hopes and dreams (and nightmares and fears). They are the source for many cultures’ myths and stories. In this particular world, that energy has manifested as superheroes and villains.

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Time Team Go! by Slortar


< metaplot begin! >
Dr Exposition has created a team of time-travelling crime-fighters to keep history on track! However, Evil Forces are trying to remove everything of interest that history has to offer! Can you stop the Texas Board Of Education from reducing history to bland featurelessness?

< metaplot end! >

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Angelic Justice by discuit

The darker side of the Supercrew rules.

Important Genre Stuff

All angles have wings and can fly! Cool huh! The thing is, this “ability” cannot be used to generate effect, it is merely a narrative tool. The second “downside” is that every angels’ wings manifest in a different way, usually related to their theme or powers, and as such EVERY player MUST describe and draw how their wings manifest and look!

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