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Give me your typical scenes

Supercrew uses a very easy system to write up bad guys, hazards and threats. In the core book and on the fansite can be found write-ups for various hazards and threats, but maybe we can come up with a couple more. And we don’t need to limit ourselves to typical superhero scenes. Why not write up some typical scenes (from various genres)?

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The Horror Of Feeding Hills! (by Princess Stacey)

Situation: Me running a game for three friends (Sky, Melly, and Supernova) who had finally given in and wanted to try my crazy hobby. Challenges: I’m out of practice, I’m trying out a system I’ve never actually used, and all three players are totally newbies.

Genre: 50s b-movie atomic Horror. Think: The Thing, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Little shop of horrors, Earth Vs the Flying Saucers, the Cosmic Man.
This means short and simple combats, simple characters and fairly simple plots. The players know the genre very very well (we watch a lot of these films together during our “Scifi sunday” get-togethers).

Rules: A variation of the SuperCrew rules with Aspects instead of superpowers. I almost went with Wushu but I think Supercrew fits the Atomic Horror genre a little better – Atomic Horror is not detail oriented.

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Sheep on the Run! by Hafwit

Yesterday I tried catching a sheep that had found its way out of its enclosure and into the park. I tried catching it the good old way, tried luring it with the juiciest leaves that I could find. I even tried ignoring it so that I might catch it unawares. Didn’t work. The sheeo was really good at hiding by the creek where two-legs couldn’t venture.

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Options for sustained campaigns

As written Supercrew is not good for a sustained campaign. But what if you want to play a series of adventures? How can you keep the game going?

Supercrew lacks any rewards so that characters gain something when they experience and survive a linked series of adventures. Obviously the PCs will develop as characters as time goes on, and the players will enjoy the stories they create together, but unlike 3:16 (another great storytelling game) characters don’t get improved stats or rank increases to make the player feel like his character is progressing.

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In Nomine Crew

I like the In Nomine setting and the Supercrew rules. So, why not combine them? I think it can work.

The 3,2,1 stats can be:

The Tricks will be specific Songs, Skills or Resonances. Hero points become Essence.

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