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The Impossible Club by Kaptain Kobold

I’ve recently had an urge to do some superhero role-play, but I since my only victims/players are my wife and children I didn’t want to use a heavy system like Champions. Since they liked 3:16, I tried to find a game that offered the same speed and simplicity, and came across the Swedish comic-book set ‘Supercrew’. Read about it, liked it, bought it.

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The New Dark Age! by Princess Stacey

A one-shot supercrew adventure for 4 players

Genre: Cartoon superheros, a la the Supercrew comic, or Justice League Unlimited, or Teen Titans Go!
Rules: Supercrew, but with Aspects and hero points instead of abilities.
Players: Relative newbies – for three of them, this is was only their second RPG experience, for the other, it was her first!
Art: Art is tres important for a supers game; costumed supers are meant to be seen. But drawing lots of pictures takes time! Solution- Trace Images of Bruce Timm art – everyone looks like a DCAU character! Most drawings were B&W and I enlisted the players to color them in during the game with colored pencils.
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The Horror Of Feeding Hills! (by Princess Stacey)

Situation: Me running a game for three friends (Sky, Melly, and Supernova) who had finally given in and wanted to try my crazy hobby. Challenges: I’m out of practice, I’m trying out a system I’ve never actually used, and all three players are totally newbies.

Genre: 50s b-movie atomic Horror. Think: The Thing, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Little shop of horrors, Earth Vs the Flying Saucers, the Cosmic Man.
This means short and simple combats, simple characters and fairly simple plots. The players know the genre very very well (we watch a lot of these films together during our “Scifi sunday” get-togethers).

Rules: A variation of the SuperCrew rules with Aspects instead of superpowers. I almost went with Wushu but I think Supercrew fits the Atomic Horror genre a little better – Atomic Horror is not detail oriented.

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Supercrew with the Kids Pt.3 by yorrick

On a whim, after seeing this thread, I asked my kids (who have the day off from school) if they wanted to play a little Supercrew. They agreed, with my daughter taking the GM role.

My son created a character called Dr. Hulker:

* Rock Blast 1 [Trick: “Rock Spray,” Change Die to a 5]
* Super-Strength 2 [Trick: “Rock-Hammer,” Effect 2]
* Earthquake 3 [Trick: “Aftershock,” Re-roll dice]

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Supercrew with the Kids Pt.2 by yorrick

The Setup
I have a cold and so wasn’t entirely up for the experience at first. My son also seemed a bit reluctant. But my daughter really wanted to give it a go and my wife needed time to do some work, so we headed down to the basement.

My son made up a new character with a couple telekinetic powers and a Rank 1 utility belt. For a long time we were simply calling him “Mr. Silent,” because my son just went blank whenever we asked for the hero’s name. But eventually we settled on “T-K” as a good nickname. My daughter continued to play Alien Z, although now the character sheet was cleaner as I understood the intended mojo of her trained pet monkey power.

I happened to have a Heroclix map of the Justice League headquarters, so I grabbed a couple figures, whipped up a few sentences to describe the villain’s powers, and made up a plot on the fly.

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