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Villains and Hazards for 1001 Arabian Nights

My group (4 players) uses the Supercrew rules for an 1001 Arabian Nights campaign. Below are a couple of typical villains and hazards that I created using BlackSheep’s Villain Points.

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Collapsing Building

It’s the sort of building architects ooh over and engineers wince at.   Built to be light and open, it has a roof supported by a few thin pillars, but mostly appears to be made of glass.   Big glass walls, big glass skylights, big glass doors.   Some struts hanging below the skylights hold the artificial lights for nighttime use, and there are some big automatic blinds that keep the greenhouse effect from getting too harsh during the day.  But mostly it’s glass.   And someone, through shaking, impact, or a perfectly-pitched tone, has managed to put enough cracks in it that it’s going to come down.

Falling Glass 2 (attacks two targets)
[] Loose Wire 4
[] Chandelier Collapse 3 (attacks all targets in range)

[] Razor-Sharp Shards (effect 2)

Toughness 6

Some natural (and not-so-natural) disasters by BabbageCliologic

2: Whirlwind
[_] Pick up and throw 3
[_] Destroy building 3
[_] Down power line 2
Toughness: 6

Multi-Car Wreck
2: Smash!
[_] Flying debris 3
[_] Down power line 2
[_] Explosion! 2
[_] Threatened child/passenger 2
Toughness 5

Doomsday Device by Hafwit

This thing looks like a cross between a parabola and an over-sized howitzer. Created by a truly mad genius, the idea is simply that the weapon (called the Everlasting God-Stopper in a moment of inappropriate levity) will be used to shoot the Creator. If fired it’s more likely to create an uncontrolled dimensional rift, which will most likely tear the Earth apart. Luckily for our implied heroes, it takes some time for the monstrosity to power up.

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Evil Landmark

Landmarks are often threatened. Sometimes they’re even knocked over. But very occasionally, they just go bad.

Freaking Lasers 2
Tons of Stone 2
[ ] Shockwave Attack 4
[ ] [ ] Threatened civilian 2 ( Special )

Special; The Evil Landmark can use the Threatened Civilian attack in any round where it doesn’t use a power defense. The attack doesn’t target a specific hero, but any one hero may choose to defend against it to get a hero point.

[ ] National Symbol (Effect 2, but only on defense)
[ ] [ ] Inspirational (Reroll)

Toughness; 4, but raise that to 5 if the heroes try to keep the landmark intact