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Villains and Hazards for 1001 Arabian Nights

My group (4 players) uses the Supercrew rules for an 1001 Arabian Nights campaign. Below are a couple of typical villains and hazards that I created using BlackSheep’s Villain Points.

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Villains for The Impossible Club by Kaptain Kobold

Doctor Klockwerk
Maniacal Bavarian mechanic

Clockwork Mechanical Arm and Eye – 2
Clockwork Technology – 2
Preplanned Escape Device – 4 (one use)
Trick: Mechanical Genius (reroll, one use)
Toughness = 3

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The New Dark Age! by Princess Stacey

A one-shot supercrew adventure for 4 players

Genre: Cartoon superheros, a la the Supercrew comic, or Justice League Unlimited, or Teen Titans Go!
Rules: Supercrew, but with Aspects and hero points instead of abilities.
Players: Relative newbies – for three of them, this is was only their second RPG experience, for the other, it was her first!
Art: Art is tres important for a supers game; costumed supers are meant to be seen. But drawing lots of pictures takes time! Solution- Trace Images of Bruce Timm art – everyone looks like a DCAU character! Most drawings were B&W and I enlisted the players to color them in during the game with colored pencils.
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Sheep on the Run! by Hafwit

Yesterday I tried catching a sheep that had found its way out of its enclosure and into the park. I tried catching it the good old way, tried luring it with the juiciest leaves that I could find. I even tried ignoring it so that I might catch it unawares. Didn’t work. The sheeo was really good at hiding by the creek where two-legs couldn’t venture.

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SHADOW MINIONS by Chronicler

Art by Ben Wootten

Here are the stats for a quartet of Shadow Minions. Because they’re just mooks, the four of them are combined together and treated as a single villain.


Dark Blast 2
[ ] Swarm Attack 3 (a one-time use ability)

Swarm Attack cannot be used if Toughness falls below 2.

Toughness: 4/4