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SteveD's review of Supercrew at Gamecryer

SteveD did a great in-depth review of Supercrew over at Gamecryer. Of particular interest is the analysis of Batman- reading that is finally what made the 3/2/1 ability paradigm and how it relates to the comic book narrative structure click for me. 

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Supercrew is fun, charming, and surprisingly brilliant – review by Bailywolf

If you like Supers games, and you don’t own a copy of Supercrew yet, do yourself a huge favor and snag it. It’s extremely reasonable in PDF form, and would make your weekend that much better.

Why am I shilling for a game I didn’t write?

I’m a supers fan from way back. Champions, Heroes Unlimited, Marvel, Marvel SAGA, Truth & Justice, M&M, Wild Talents…. there’s more.

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REVIEW OF Supercrew



I first saw Supercrew mentioned in a thread in RP Open on this very site, and I was intrigued by the website, so I downloaded the PDF version. It’s a rules-light superhero game, with the twist of having the rules presented in the form of comic-book panels. I have seen this tried a couple of times before (Champions Fusion comes to mind), but this time it really works- the rules are very clearly explained in the panels, and the style of play that should be expected is conveyed quite nicely as well (a lighthearted tone reminiscent of the Superfriends or Golden-Age comics). This is a capsule review since I have not yet played the game, so I will keep it short while hitting the high points of the game.

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