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Aspects variant by Princess Stacey

Lately, I’ve been playing a variant that goes like this – you write down 4-8 keywords – (you can call them “aspects” if you want) that describe your powers and other traits. That list is your whole character.

The rules therefore are;

if you want to do something you dont have an aspect for, roll 1 die
if you want to do a thing and you do have an aspect that covers it, roll 2 die
If you want to do a thing covered by an aspect and you spend a hero point, roll 3
if you want to do a thing covered by an aspect and are willing to roll 1 die, take a hero point
If you do something you didnt want to do because of an Aspect, then take a hero point

Aspects can be super powers, items, skills, traits, relationships, anything.

When you get a hit scored against you, you have to take a new, temporary Aspect (like “wounded” or “heartbroken.”) You can only have 3 of these temporary Aspects, the next hit takes you out.

Very simple and easy. I use this for all manner or rules lite fun.

When Superman is pretending to be Clark Kent, he just uses his “Crusading Reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper” and his “Kansas farm boy” aspects. Unless he uses his “Kryptonian powers” Aspect to cook (with heat ray vision!) that underdone Steak that they served Bruce Wayne…



3 responses to “Aspects variant by Princess Stacey

  1. Erifnogard November 15, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    This is pretty awesome. I like the concept of Aspects in Fate but hated that the GM had to constantly be thinking of ways to feed Fate points to the players. This neatly solves that problem and works elegantly with the Supercrew rules. Thanks!

  2. Volsung October 22, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    The site has been pretty quiet for some time but I try my luck anyway ^^
    I’m about to use Supercrew with the Aspects variant later this week.
    But i’m wondering….
    Do you think I could allow several ‘hero point spending’ on a roll?
    For exemple, a player could ‘tag’ an aspect to roll 3 dices but he could try to tag another of his aspect, a scene aspect or a foe aspect to get additional dices (if he had enough hero point left) . Would it break the game in your opinion?

    Furthermore… could I allow players to share their hero points?

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