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Aang (season 1-2)

A fun-loving kid who got a terrifying responsibility thrust on him, Aang was frozen in ice for over a hundred years. He was discovered and rescued by the siblings Sokka and Katara, and now seeks to learn the bending arts and have lots of fun doing it!

Avatar State 3
Airbender plus more 2
Horsing Around 1

The Avatar (Reroll)
Acrobatic (Change one die to 5)
Appa the flying bison (Effect 2)

Aang (Season 3)

His education wouldn’t prove to be easy, and just as he was on the cusp of mastering his power he was mortally wounded while in the Avatar State which threatened to destroy the Avatar’s power altogether. However, he did learn all of the bending arts. He was furthermore forced to hide his identity so that the Fire Nation would think him dead, making all the markings of his identity a liability. But through all this, he never lost his sense of fun.

A really powerful bender 3
Master of the elements 2
Still horsing around 1

Incognito (Reroll)
Acrobatic (Change one die to 5)
Appa the flying bison (Effect 2)

I’ll leave Zuko alone for later and/or someone else, and I’m not sure I have a handle on the villain rules yet so Azula can wait too.


One response to “Aang (season 1-2)

  1. dariobatera November 26, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    That’s great. Always wanted to GM in the Avatar setting (specially after seeing The Legend Of Korra) but I struggled finding a fitting rules system.
    I may try to use the Aspects variant by Princess Stacey, but with the three Tricks to better emulate special techniques.

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