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Options for sustained campaigns

As written Supercrew is not good for a sustained campaign. But what if you want to play a series of adventures? How can you keep the game going?

Supercrew lacks any rewards so that characters gain something when they experience and survive a linked series of adventures. Obviously the PCs will develop as characters as time goes on, and the players will enjoy the stories they create together, but unlike 3:16 (another great storytelling game) characters don’t get improved stats or rank increases to make the player feel like his character is progressing.

As far as advancement goes, a possibility would be additional tricks, either new or added uses per adventure for old tricks. Perhaps the GM can give characters an extra point of Toughness. Or she can hand out additional Hero Points or extra dice that can be used sometime during the adventure.

Another possibility is that the GM doesn’t allow most of the characters to keep Hero Points between adventures. The character who has the most remaining at the end of the adventure gets to keep one of them. In the event of ties this reward goes to the one who accumulated the most during the adventure.

If the group consists of four or more players let each player secretly vote for one of the other characters who they felt gave the most to the story (they can’t vote for themself). The one who gets the most votes gets an additional Anecdote Point for the next adventure.


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